Dengard Puttees/Boot Protectors


Dengard Puttees/Boot Protectors are designed to help prevent debris getting on your socks and into your boots, when gardening, chain sawing or weed eating.

They are also invaluable to the forestry worker or dairy farmer, when chain sawing, clearing scrub or picking up hay.

These Puttees/Boot Protectors offer highly effective, long-term, low cost protection. Their unique design ensures they are easily slipped on over the boot and are very durable.

Dengard Puttees/Boot Protectors are made of heavy-duty, waterproofed cotton durapel. They are handmade and held firmly in place by securely stitched elastic above the ankle or mid-calf, depending on the product length which best suits the individuals' needs.

They are available in three sizes: small, medium and large.