Dengard Overhead Hose & Cable Runners    


Dengard Overhead Hose & Cable Runners are ideal for use with hoses, watering systems and farm drench systems. This system is designed to also carry power cables, making them safer by keeping them off the ground.

This system works for up to 30 metre hoses and where greenhouses or beds are longer than this, it's a simple matter to bring water to a central point and have two hoses travelling along the cable in opposite directions.

These runners attach to a cable strung about 2.5-3.0 metres above the ground. Raising the hose from the ground enables nursery operators and dairy farmers to prevent the hose from becoming tangled & knotted or being run over and damaged, thus keeping your work operational area neat & tidy. The hose loops over and pulls easily along rubber sealed or stainless steel bearing runners, spaced approximately 1-2 metres apart on an overhead wire and recoils neatly at the cables' fixing point.

Dengard Overhead Hose & Cable Runners are made from UV stabilised high impact plastic. They are strong, robust, and very economically priced. The system is easily installed and serviced. All parts are readily obtainable.